Here are 5 Credit Card Options if You Earn Rs. 30,000 Per Month

Updated on: 30 Jan 2024 // 3 min read // Credit Cards
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A Credit Card is much more than just a way to help you move cashless. It can help you earn some exciting rewards, and save money through cashback options. It can even help you build a good credit history. Moreover, it enables you to stay relevant in the present-day fad of a cashless economy.

Card TypesAnnual FeeRewards and Benefits
SBI SimplySAVE CardRs. 4991 reward point for every 100 Rupees spent on other purchases and payments.
HDFC MoneyBack CardRs. 500Earn 2 Reward Points on every Rs 150 spent
ICICI Bank Coral Credit CardRs. 5002x cash reward points on dining, groceries, supermarkets bills

Before you go ahead and Apply for a Credit Card, you should identify why want a Credit Card. We have compiled a list of Credit Cards that might work for you. You also need to be more than 21 years of age to apply and own a Credit Card.

1. Reason: To make spontaneous purchases and to roam around freely without much cash.

Type of Card: A no-fee shopping card.

2. Reason: To refuel vehicles.

Type of Card: A fuel card such as IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card.

3. Reason: To benefit from frequent travelling.

Type of Card: A travel credit card such as American Express Platinum Travel Card.

1. SBI SimplySAVE Card

This Credit Card is perfect for you if you contribute considerably towards the purchase of household items including fuel.

Some of the noteworthy features of this card include:

  • A joining bonus of 2,000 points (Redeemable, at investments worth 2,000, within the first two months of issuance).
  • 10x rewards on dining, movies, grocery and department store bills.
  • 1 reward point for every 100 Rupees spent on other purchases and payments.
  • Facility of redeeming reward points against outstanding bills.
  • Points can be redeemed for gifts featured in SBI rewards catalogue.
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver for transactions between 500 and 3,000.
  • Reimbursement of renewal fee at a total expense of 90,000 or more, during a year.

Available at a reasonable annual fee of 500, this card offers some incredible payment options through features like FlexiPay. The outstanding bills on this card usually attract an interest rate of 40.2% per annum.

2. HDFC MoneyBack Card

Ideal for those with a penchant for online shopping, this card can prove to be a boon.

Take a look at some of its features:

  • Get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all fuel stations in India.
  • Get worth gift vouchers of Rs. 500 on spending Rs. 50,000
  • Earn 2 reward points on spending every Rs. 150
  • Earn 2X reward points (i.e. 4 reward points) on spending every Rs. 150 online.

While the annual fee for this Credit Card varies from person to person, you can get it waived by ensuring an expense of 10,000 with the first 90 days of card activation. In case you spend 50,000 or more in the first year, you can expect a renewal fee waiver.

The payments through this card are liable to be charged with the recently deployed Goods & Service Tax (GST) at 18%.

Apply for SBI Credit Card

The spending on the card is liable to a variable interest rate, within the range of 37.20% and 42.00% per annum. However, this may vary depending on the various aspects such as credit limit utilization and repayment patterns amongst others.

4. ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

One of the best credit card limit for 30,000 salary a month, this international credit card offers numerous advantages such as:

  • Two complimentary movies every month through www.bookmyshow.com website.
  • 15% discount on dining bills at over 800 restaurants across the country
  • 2x cash reward points on dining, groceries, supermarkets bills
  • Up to 10,000 PAYBACK points, every anniversary year.
  • One complimentary visit to the domestic airport lounge, every quarter.
  • One complimentary visit to the domestic railway lounge, every quarter.

We hope that you know which card to choose that complements your spending habits as well as your monthly income.

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