5 Benefits of Having a Credit Card with Travel Insurance

Updated on: 04 Jan 2024 // 4 min read // Credit Cards
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Due to the recent boost seen in the e-commerce industry and the push from the Government for making payments digitally, the popularity of Credit Cards has soared to newer levels. Nowadays, everyone either has one or is looking to get one of the Best Credit Cards to enjoy the benefits offered by these recent developments.

Due to the significant increase in the number of people looking to apply for a new Credit Card, most financial institutions have started offering Credit Cards which offer fantastic rewards for particular transactions such as fuel purchase, dining out, movie ticket purchase, air ticket booking,and so on.

In order to Apply for Credit Cards, you can either choose the online route or the traditional offline route. Due to the ease of application, the online route is more popular amongst all the people looking to buy a Credit Card.

You can directly visit the website of the respective financial institution or MyMoneyMantra where you can compare different cards, compare their features and then apply for one, which meets your specific requirements.

Once you fill in the application form online and upload the necessary documents, you shall receive your card within a few days itself through courier at your registered address.

In order to maximise benefits from your Credit Card, you must observe a strict financial discipline to ensure that you do not end up under a mountain of debt.

Credit Cards with Travel Insurance

One of the most popular specialisedCredit Cards right now is the ones which come with added benefits of travel insurance. The travel insurance feature helps you manage the losses suffered during your traveling, both national as well as international on account of a flight delay, baggage loss, theft,and so on. The reason for the popularity of Credit Cards with travel insurance is the fact that there are numerous benefits available to you, such as:

1. No Need to Pay an Additional Premium

One of the most fantastic features of Credit Cards with built-in travel insurance is that you need not pay any additional premium for it. This feature is offered complimentary by the Credit Card issuing financial institution,and you only need to pay the annual fees of the card and nothing else. This eliminates the need for you to purchase a separate travel insurance policy and helps you save a lot of money that would have been spent on policy premium payments.

2. No Worry of Policy Expiration

When you buy travel insurance policy for a third-party insurer, the policy is valid only for the specified duration, usually one year, and must be renewed every year, if you want to continue enjoying the benefits of the policy coverage.

In case you forget to renew the policy on time, you will not be protected from losses suffered during your travels. Whereas, in case of cards with travel insurance, you are protected against lossessuffered during travels for as long as your card is valid. You need not worry about the policy premium payments or renewals.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

Your travel insurance policy offers you a complete coverage against a wide range of losses that you may suffer during your travels such as flight delay, flight cancellation, luggage lost, theft, burglary, accidents,and so forth.

You get a complete coverage against almost all possible situations that you may suffer during the travels and are entirely insured against them, up to the limit specified by the insurer.

4. Protection Against Frauds

Your travel insurance policy that comes as an add-on feature of your card offers you complete protection against any scams that you may be a victim of during your travels, whether within India or internationally.

You just need to get in touch with the customer care helpline and inform them about the fraud or loss of your credit card. As soon as you inform them, you are protected against any misuse of your credit card and any subsequent monetary loss suffered due to the fraud.

5. Emergency Assistance

One of the worst situations that you can suffer while traveling is being stranded in a foreign country, without any help or assistance. This is where your Credit Card’s travel insurance feature will come to your rescue.

You will be provided all possible support during situations related to medical, political or legal emergencies. You just need to get in touch with the insurer and everything would be taken care of. For a smooth process, it is advisable that you inform your card issuer regarding your plans to travel overseas.

Credit Cards with travel insurance feature offer you an extensive range of benefits and protection against the possible situations that you may face while you are traveling. With the peace of mind you get, you will really be able to enjoy your traveling experiences.

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