6 Effective Hacks to Plan a New Year Party on Budget

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Christmas has just gone by, and the month is about to end, meaning your stash of cash is low. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to welcome the coming decade with a bang. You can certainly plan A New Year Party on Budget,

Wondering how? Well, instead of going to one of the highly overpriced parties around the town and then paying some more for the costly food and booze, this time around why not throw a party at your own home! Not only will it give you a remarkable opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and friends, but will also help you save on those hard-earned bucks.

If you’re in on the idea, here are some easy measures that you can take to make the party a hit without shelling much.

1. Have a Budget

Taking all things into consideration, from the number of people to the décor, the food and drinks and more, have a budget in mind. Regardless of what you may face during the planning phase, promise yourself that you won’t increase the budget beyond 10-15% of what you had anticipated. Trust us, when you try super hard, your mind will get creative and you’ll have some great ideas to make things work with limited means.

2. Keep The Guest List Tight

You’re throwing a party at home because you wanted to welcome the New Year without overspending. Hence, make sure to keep your guest list as exclusive as possible. Rather than inviting one and all, make sure all of your chosen guests know each other, or will at least be at ease around each other. This will help you in keeping the food and beverage costs low, while also ensuring that your house doesn’t suffer a blow after the bash!

3. Make it a BYOB event

It just isn’t a New Year event without some spirits involved! This doesn’t imply that you have the onus of spending on all the alcohol that your invitees are going to gulp down. Since your guest list only comprises of people who are close to you, consider hosting a BYOB party– Bring your own Bottle! This will help you save oodles of money, while also freeing you from the trouble of thinking the ideal picks for the evening. That being said, having ample water, mixers and ice on hand will still fall under your purview.

4. Skip Disposable Plates

When in India, do as the Indians do. Instead of opting for expensive disposable cups and plates, use the ones that are already in your home. Mix and match your cutlery, use it to the brim, and get it all washed and stowed away the next morning. While it might cause some additional burden of clearing washing and cleaning, it will save you some precious bucks. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to kick-start the New Year in a way that helps the environment? Now, that’s what we call a win-win choice!

5. Use Old Decorations

Yet another way that works positively for your pocket as well as the environment is using or recycling old decorations lying around in your house from Diwali or Christmas. While it may sound odd to begin with, once you have these decorations on your hand, you’ll know how to use them in a way that resonates with your party. If somehow, you don’t have any decorative items on hand, you can always use your Citibank Cash Back Credit Card to order online and get cash back at the same time. Besides, a credit card swipe will help you make the purchase now while giving you over a month’s time to repay the amount.

6. Homemade Photo Booth

Selfies are slowly fading away, and instant photos are taking the lead. To make sure that people leave your party with some incredible memories, you can put a make-shift photo booth in an attractive corner of the house. You can make the booth more eye-catching with some hanging decorations or props. And to make sure the guests remember these for a long time to come, offer them an instant print.

If you have a printer at home- well and good, if not, you can consider buying it with the help of cash in your home loan overdraft. Of course, this is only an option when you have considerable use for the printer in the long run. Else, you can simply ask a friend to lend you one.

All of this combined with some fun-filled activities to keep you all entertained as you count down to the last few seconds of this year, will truly make your party memorable for everyone else, and pocket-friendly for you! Happy New Year!

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