6 Ways You Can Use Your Credit Card to Make Your Employees Happy

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If you are a small business owner, you understand the value of dedicated and loyal employees. Success and failure of any business venture depend on the quality of employees you hire. If you manage to have some honest and disciplined employees in your core team, your business would touch new heights of success and similarly if your employees are dishonest and lazy your business can never be successful.

You must respect those employees who put in their whole-hearted efforts behind every idea of yours and are with you through thick and thin. They are never shy to put in extra hours or handle multiple tasks at once, so it becomes your responsibility to keep them happy and satisfied.

It does not mean that you need to spend a tremendous amount of cash to buy expensive stuff for them, just small gestures of gratitude and appreciation would also do the trick. One of the most innovative ways to delight your employees with extraordinary gifts is through your Credit Card points, redemption for Credit Card Offers Online.

What are Credit Card Reward Points?

Your bank provides you with reward points on every purchase you make with your Credit Card such as Air Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Refuelling, Dining, and so forth. Over a period of time, you would have accumulated a considerable number of reward points with your Credit Cards. There are various Credit Cards offered online by the bank or other financial institutions to redeem your Credit Card points for incredible rewards.

If you have to use your card regularly for your business requirements and travel related purpose, you must have accumulated a lot of reward points on it and which you are not sure about how to use. If you do not plan to redeem your points anytime soon, then one of the most beneficial ways to use your Credit Card reward points is to buy some exciting gifts and rewards for your employees to make them happy without actually spending something.

Innovative Ideas to Use Your Credit Card Points for Your Employees

Here are some amazing ideas that you could use to make your employees happy:

1. Gift Them a Surprise Vacation: Many Credit Card issuing banks have a dedicated rewards redemption program for their customers. It includes a host of options,and one of the most popular options is vacation packages. If any of your employees have recently achieved the yearly targets, you can gift them a surprise vacation package and announce it in front of the entire office. This would not only motivate them further but would also inspire other of your employees to work harder.

2. Buy Them Movie Tickets: You can use your reward points to book movie tickets for the valuable employees. Well, as everyone is working out of their skin for you, then this is the least you can do. Redeem your reward points to reserve seats at the nearest theatre on a weekend or take a half day and bring everyone along for one fun-filled afternoon. This would be a great bonding exercise and would give everyone some time to relax and enjoy.

3. Book an Overnight Stay: If you feel that your employees are working really hard for you and deserve a small holiday, you can use your reward points to book a nice country resort for a weekend retreat. Not only would everybody love the idea, but it would also give you all some time to get to know each other a little better and have a gala time.

4. Buy Something for the Whole Office: You can also use your reward points to buy something nice for the entire office to use. It could be a coffee vending machine, a Foosball table or a new water cooler. Not only would all your employees love this surprise, but they would also cherish it as a token of appreciation for their hard work and would work with further motivation.

5. Get Flight upgrades: If your star employee is going on a business trip which is of great importance for your business, then why not get them a complimentary flight upgrade. Well, your points were lying idle anyways. Not only would your star employees be ecstatic about it, when they reach for the meeting they would be more relaxed and motivated to get the deal for the company and earn more such rewards in the

6. Get Some Gift Cards: If you are feeling lazy or are too busy to do such elaborate things, you can quickly get some gift cards with your reward points. Gift them to the entire staff and let them choose how they want to redeem them. It would give them a reason to cherish the fact that they have an excellent employer like you.

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