7 Tips for Choosing the Best Airline Credit Cards

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The Indian airline market has been growing steadily over the past few years thanks to the rise in the working class and the middle-class demography. Introduction of new airlines into the Indian market has ensured healthy competition which has in part popularised flying among the average Indian who traditionally used to heavily rely on the Indian Railways.

It is estimated that the civil aviation industry in India is poised to get an investment close to 15-16 Billion US Dollars in the coming five years i.e. 2024 which will also include improvements to the existing airports along with the creation of new ones. This is due to the tremendous rise in the overall numbers of domestic passengers which have surged by almost 19% and is expected to be standing at 300 million passengers by 2020.

Cashing in on this trend several airlines are offering Airline Credit Cards to their existing as well as prospective customers. Usually, an Airline Credit Card is utilised by frequent fliers on their regular flights from one city to another to conduct their day to day business. Apart from these regular business junkies it also finds favour with frequent travellers who like to indulge themselves with multiple vacations now and then.

The above-mentioned frequent fliers are offered exclusive benefits such as free airport lounge visits, discounts on premier hotels and fine dine restaurants along with complimentary air miles. Some of the major Airline Credit Cards on offer are Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card, Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, SBI Air India Signature Credit Card, SBI Air India Platinum Credit Card, Axis Bank MY Wings Credit Card, IndusInd Bank Jet Airways Voyage American Express Credit Card, IndusInd Bank Jet Airways Voyage Visa Credit Card, Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit Card.

While selecting any one of the above-mentioned Credit Cards, you need to understand the following things about any Airline Credit Card:

 1. One Credit Card Will Not Fit All Bills:

Before selecting the ideal Airline Credit Card for yourself, you have to understand that there is no perfect card. Some cards may offer you generous rewards on brand loyalty, some may help you avoid paying any fees, and some card might not charge you any fee if you want to enjoy your favourite steak at a restaurant in Greece. Similarly, many cards might offer you a free hotel stay. Hence you need to ask yourself which card will fulfil your short and long-term travel goals and then choose one accordingly.

2. Low or High Spending Cards:

Many of these cards usually require a minimum amount you need to spend in a particular period to unlock points. So if you are a heavy spender, then maintain a heavy minimum spending limit to unlock maximum benefits. An ideal criterion is to get a card which will unlock the bonus on a single purchase.

3. Special Privileges and Perks:

Make sure your focus is not only on acquiring miles but to reap as many benefits as you can from your cards such as elite loyalty bonus, priority boarding pass, minimal foreign transaction fee, and so on.

4. Annual Fee Should be Low:

Paying an annual subscription fee for your Airline Credit Card seems like an exhausting idea and many frequent fliers would like to choose a card which will charge the minimum possible fees and shall offer them the maximum benefits. However, it is important to note that if you opt for an airline card with fees your chances of getting additional benefits and perks are better since accumulating points gets easier with these premium cards.

5. Online Access & Convenience:

Internet plays an important part in our daily monetary transactions and the same stands true for airline cards as well. Before choosing one, make sure that safe and secure online access and monitoring can be done for your card.

6. Losing your card:

Make sure you carry out comprehensive research on what fee will be charged in case you accidentally lose your card or if it is stolen. This might vary from card to card.

7. Eligibility to obtain an Airline Credit Card:

It is advisable that you check your credit score before applying for an Airline Credit Card as it will help you in ascertaining your eligibility and will ultimately assist you in selecting the appropriate airline card.

To say the least, it becomes highly imperative that an average frequent flier needs to thoroughly compare all airline credit cards that are on offer to maximise the benefits that they are going to get while booking their next flight.

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