7 Ways to Enhance Benefits of Your HDFC Credit Card

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HDFC Bank is one of the most reputed and trustworthy financial institutions of India. It offers a wide range of financial products for its customers, including and not limited to bank accounts, Personal Loans, Car Loans, Business Loans, Investment Schemes, and Insurance Plans. Out of the diverse product portfolio of HDFC Bank, one of the most popular products is the wide range of Credit Cards offered by the bank. You can choose from the various Credit Cards offered by HDFC, depending on your spending patterns and lifestyle requirements. Moreover, the application process is extremely easy as you can submit your application through the bank website or mobile app with a few taps.

There are more than 20 different types of HDFC Credit Cards in India. Based on your requirements and spending habits, you can choose the Best HDFC Credit Card match for yourself.

How to make most of your HDFC Credit Card?

The benefits of owning an HDFC Credit Card are truly incredible. Excellent Reward Points Program, waiver of Annual Fees, Airport Lounge access, Concierge Services, Low-Interest Rates, etc. are just some of the benefits offered by HDFC Credit Cards. This is the reason that they are often termed as the best Credit Cards in India by the customers.

Let’s walk through some of the time-tested ways to further enhance the benefits available on your HDFC Credit Card. The deals are bound to get even sweeter with tips shared below.

1. Pay entire dues on time:

You enjoy an interest-free period up to 50 days on your card. However, to avail of this benefit, you must pay the entire billing amount for a particular billing cycle by the due date. If you do not make the payment in entirety, you will have to bear the interest cost on the outstanding amount, which can go beyond 48% in some cases. So make sure you always pay your Credit Card dues in full to avail the maximum benefits of the interest-free period.

2. Redeem the reward points before they expire:

The reward points accumulated against your HDFC Credit Card come with an expiry period. This period can vary from a few months to two years, depending on the Credit Card you own. For instance, reward points available against HDFC Regalia Credit Card come with an expiry period of 2 years. So, you must redeem your reward points before they expire. HDFC Bank offers an excellent rewards point redemption program wherein you can purchase products from the exclusive catalogue or convert your reward points into air miles.

3. Maintain a good repayment record:

What makes HDFC Credit Cards the best Credit Cards in India is the fact that they come with high credit limits. Moreover, if you have been paying your Credit Card dues on time and have a good Credit Score, HDFC will enhance your credit limit periodically. A higher limit can come in handy during times of emergency, as you can easily pay-off your liability and then plan your repayments with up to 50 days of the interest-free period available to you. Moreover, a long-term relationship with the bank allows you to access better offers and lower interest rates.

4. Use at select outlets:

HDFC Bank enters into agreements with specific e-commerce platforms as well as retail chains periodically. Herein, customers using an HDFC Bank Credit Card to make the payment enjoy discounts, cash backs, bonus reward points, zero transaction charges, and various other offers. For instance, recently, during Amazon’s Great Indian Sale, HDFC Bank customers were offered 10% additional discounts. Such promotions are advertised widely across online and offline channels. So, you must identify the retail outlets and online platforms that offer greater rewards for HDFC Bank Credit Cardholders and make most of your purchases.

5. Identify transactions that offer more reward points:

The best aspect of more than 20 different Credit Cards offered by HDFC Bank is that you can choose one which suits your lifestyle. If your HDFC Credit Card offers you additional reward points on specific transactions such as Air Ticket booking, restaurant bill payment, movie ticket purchase, etc., you must use the card for the same and save maximum. With an excellent reward point redemption program on offer, you must identify the transactions that offer you more reward points against your HDFC Credit Card. For instance, if your Credit Card offers you bonus reward points on movie bookings, make the use of this opportunity. Pay for the tickets with HDFC Credit Card instead of cash.

6. Time your purchases:

To enhance the benefits available against your HDFC credit card, you should time your purchases. As HDFC Credit Cards come with an interest-free period of up to 50 days, you can make high-value purchases towards the start of the billing cycle. This will offer you the maximum time to plan your repayments and arrange for the money accordingly. Moreover, you can convert your purchase cost into instant EMIs at select online and offline outlets and pay only a minimal interest rate against this facility. This will reduce your financial burden to a great extent.

7. Spend more than the specified threshold:

Every Credit Card company charges a joining fee or annual fee against its Credit Card. The same is the case with HDFC Credit Cards. But do you know that you can get a full waiver of the joining fee by using the Credit Card above a specified threshold amount. If you use your Credit Card for a specific amount within the first 90 days of issuance, your joining fee will be reversed. If your annual purchases in a year are more than the specified threshold, your annual fee would be waived off, and you would get bonus reward points. For instance, if you use your HDFC Regalia Credit Card for above Rs. 8 Lakh in an anniversary year, you earn 15,000 bonus reward points as well as a waiver of the annual fee.

By using these tips, you can easily enhance the benefits available against your HDFC Credit Card and make your user experience even more enjoyable.

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