Have a Credit Score of 750 or Above? Here are Some of the Best Credit Card Offers for You!

Updated on: 30 Jan 2024 // 4 min read // Credit Cards
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A Credit Card is one of the most necessary tools that you can have today! Not only does it offer you unparalleled freedom to shop and spend as and when you want, but also ensure that you can build and maintain your credit score! If you already enjoy a good credit score, 750 or above, then you can expect to get your hands on any one of the leading Credit Cards in India. In fact, we have consolidated a list of 5 of the Best Credit Card Offers that will prove to be your best bet. Let’s take a close look at each one of them!

1. American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

As the name suggests, this card is designed to help you earn exceptional rewards for every rupee you spend. Offering exemplary customer service, with this card, you can rest assured of enjoying multiple benefits such as 24×7 assistance, dispute resolution, zero lost-card liability and emergency card replacement. Some of the most sought-after features of this card are: American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

  • A bonus of 4000 Membership Rewards Points
  • 1 Membership Reward Point for every 50 spent (with a few exceptions)
  • On the collection of 24,000 points – Statement Credit worth 10,000 along with MakeMyTrip Holiday Voucher
  • On the collection of 18,000 points – Bose Soundlink Speaker, Tanishq Voucher, WelcomHeritage Luxury Stay, Statement Credit worth 7,500 as well as an Amazon Gift Card worth 8,000

The card attracts an annual fee of 1,000 for the first year, and that of 4,500 for the subsequent years. You will be required to pay additional charges towards tax on the annual fee. With this card,

2. CITI Cashback Credit Cards

This card is designed to help you earn commendable cashback on prominent bills. Not only does it help you enjoy some fantastic savings, but also offers cash rebates and other benefits. Some of the most eminent features of this card include:

  • Tap-and-pay at merchant terminals, without entering the PIN (for bills of up to 2,000)
  • 5% cashback on movie ticket purchases
  • 5% cashback on all your telephone bill payments
  • Get 5% cashback on utility bill payments (on the use of Citibank Online Bill Pay)

This card is available at a membership fee of 500, and enjoys a validity of 12 months. The holder is required to pay the same amount for the renewal of the card.

The spending on the card is liable to a variable interest rate, within the range of 37.20% and 42.00% per annum. However, this may vary depending on the various aspects such as credit limit utilization and repayment patterns amongst others.

Tip: Check Free CIBIL Score before applying for a credit card

3. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card

This Credit Card is the perfect pick for you if you earn a minimum of 25,000 a month or more. Available at an entry fee of 399, you will need to pay 750 to renew this card. As far as the salient features of this card go, they are:

  • A bonus of 1000 rewards points, if you make a transaction within 60 days of issuance
  • A gift of 500 points for online banking registration
  • 20% cashback on Uber rides
  • 5x reward points on every 150 spent on dining and fuel bills
  • 1x reward points on every 150 spent on other items

As is the case with most other cards, the outstanding bills on this card usually attract an interest rate of 41.88% per annum.

4. SBI Simply Save Card

This Credit Card is perfect for you if you contribute considerably towards the purchase of household items as well as fuel. Some of the noteworthy features of this card include:

  • A joining bonus of 2,000 points (Redeemable, at investments worth 2,000, within first two months of the issuance)
  • 10x rewards on dining, movies, grocery and departmental store bills
  • One reward point for every 100 spent on other purchases and payments
  • Facility of redeeming reward points against outstanding bills
  • Alternative of redeeming points for gifts featured in SBI rewards catalogue
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver for transactions between 500 and 3,000
  • Reimbursement of renewal fee at a total expense of 90,000 or more, during a year

Available at a reasonable annual fee of 500, this card offers some incredible payment options through features like FlexiPay. The outstanding bills on this card usually attract an interest rate of 40.2% per annum.

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5. HDFC Moneyback Credit Card

Ideal for those with a penchant for online shopping, this card can prove to be a boon. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of its features:

  • 250 cashback on the first transaction of 1000 within 45 days of card issuance
  • Facility to redeem reward points as cashback. (100 Reward Points = 30)
  • Waiver of 2.5 % fuel surcharge
  • 2 Reward Points on every 150 spent on all retail purchases.
  • 4 Reward Points for every online purchase.

While the annual fee for this Credit Card varies from person to person, you can get it waived by ensuring an expense of 10,000 with the first 90 days of card activation. In case you spend 50,000 or more in the first year, you can expect a renewal fee waiver.The payments through this card are liable to be charged with the recently deployed Goods & Service Tax (GST) at 18%.

Now that you are aware of the Best Credit Card Offers in India for a credit score of 750 or above, wait no more before you apply for one that best suits your needs!