Here’s Your Guide to Pick a Credit Card with the Best Rewards
Updated on: 04 Jan 2024 // 4 min read // Credit Cards
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Credit Cards have become part and parcel of life, with payments turning international and cash payment an outdated way of business. Digitalisation has brought us a whole new world with a set of all new opportunities. Especially when the world has shrunk to the size of a mobile phone; and wallets, contacts, payments all have taken a unique shape; there is a need to consider upgrading the finance management tools from a debit card to a Credit Card that offers rewards, everytime you swipe it.

It is enticing as well as beneficial to Apply for Credit Card which not only allows you to shop but also pays you back everytime you use it. There are several banks and finance companies which offer Credit Cards with additional benefits and rewards. Specific Credit Cards have a particular function of facilitating your shopping. Just like your shopping card of ‘Shoppers Stop’ or ‘Reliance Digital,’ this card helps you gain reward points when you opt for this cashless mode of money transfer.

There are several benefits of cashless transactions, and government also encourages paperless money. Finance companies or banks, agents of both might approach you at malls and other places trying to convince you to take a Credit Card from their respective companies. But a decisive factor while choosing the best Credit Card from any company for a shopaholic is the reward points. As these points help you buy a little more than you planned to purchase. Who doesn’t want a bit extra? But how should one choose the best reward card? Here’s the answer:

  • Firstly decide the purpose of getting a Credit Card. There are reward cards for travel, cashback,air miles, and many more things. If you wish to go for a vacation, you need a different type of reward card, while for regular shopping, the requirement would be different.
  • A cashback reward card as the name suggests offers cashback on every amount you spend buying groceries, movie tickets, pizza or fuel for your car. An airline reward card and a hotel reward card provide exclusive discounts and offers on booking a flight or a room in a hotel. You earn points when you travel and spend them on your next vacation.
  • When you have made a choice as well as your mind for a particular type of card, consider the following points that will help you choose the best Credit Card:

1. What are the different modes of earning reward points using the card?

2. How can you redeem those points?

3. If there are any terms and conditions for using the reward points, say validity?

4. If there is any minimum amount you need to spend to be eligible for the reward points?

5. What is the percentage of return on the cashback Credit Card, if you want to apply for one?

6. What are the additional benefits or bonus points that you would receive when signing up for a fresh card?

7. Do you get any gifts like a free stay at a lounge or tickets/passes to an event?

8. What is the annual charge if you do not use the card? And is there any annual fee other than that?

9. Can you use the card in other countries or make an international transaction? If yes, is there any additional charge for that?

10. Are the services applicable only to certain mentioned outlets or brands?

Other than these, there are card protection plans and other add-on services that you can pick and avail the benefits of a reward Credit Card. These Credit Cards not only allow you to roam tension free while on holiday by taking care of any extra shopping that you didn’t plan; but also offer you gifts and vouchers. The most amazing aspect of these cards is that you can gift something to someone using a reward card, and receive a gift for yourself in return.

All you need to do to Get a Best Reward Credit Card is to ensure that you have a good credit score. If you don’t have one, there still is an option of secured Credit Cards. Like everything else, there is a word of precaution for these cards too. Nothing to worry though, just that you need to pay off your Credit Card bills in due time every month or the potential benefits that you might have received from the reward card will be negligible as compared to the interest you will pay.

To get the maximum benefits, you must use the card as much as you can, like for everyday purchases, keeping in mind your credit limit. The more you spend, the higher your rewards, but that does not mean that you should forget about your budget. Credit Cards are a wonderful means of managing finances, but they should be used judiciously to ensure that credit only brings smiles, happiness, and rewards.

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