How to Add Credit Card in Paytm? All you Need to Know

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How to Add Credit Card in Paytm? All you Need to Know

Paytm is one of the biggest e payment and e-commerce portals that was started in 2010. The brand name is an acronym that refers to 'Payment through Mobile'. Alongside online shopping, brands contain a wallet and a payment gateway. Over time, Paytm has earned great popularity owing to the brand's concept of promoting cashless transactions.

Paytm application consists of a virtual wallet known as Paytm wallet. Account-holders of Paytm can add in money through their credit card and debit card or via net banking. Also, they can send or receive the money through this wallet for the purpose of refilling it. Money accumulated in Paytm wallet can be used for paying for various services & products, including electricity bills, phone bills, gas, DTH recharge, water, metro rides etc. Common Google searches linked with Paytm include how to add credit card in Paytm, how to add money in Paytm wallet from credit card, how to add money in Paytm from credit card, which we would answer below in this article.

How to Add Credit Card in Paytm Mobile Application?

Paytm account holders can include in money to Paytm wallets in 2 easy ways using their credit card either through the application or website. All they require doing is following the below steps:

On the Paytm site:

No. 1 step: Visit the official Paytm website and log into your Paytm account by using your registered phone number or email id.

No. 2 step: Once you have logged in, you will be taken to a new webpage that will consist of numerous options, including the option 'Add Money'.

No. 3 step: You will be required to choose the mode for adding money from the options that involve debit/credit card, IMPS, net banking, and write in the amount you require adding.

No. 4 step: Once you have selected the Credit Card option, you will then be redirected to the secure payment page, which you require to fill up with your card details.

No. 5 step: Here, you require filling in the card details like the card number, validity, name on card, CVV number etc.

No. 6 step: The account holder can simply save the credit card details, and the same will appear on the transaction screen. However, remember that you will be required to enter your CVV number every time you use your credit card, even if you have saved your card details to maintain gateway security. This method ensures a faster payment.

No. 7 step: Once you have entered in the required credit card details, you will require clicking on the submit tab to proceed with your transaction. Once your transaction is done, you will get redirected to your Paytm account's homepage with a transferred sum in your Paytm wallet.

On the Paytm application:

No. 1 step: Once you open the Paytm app on your mobile, you will require clicking on the 'Add Money' option, which appears on the top strip of the homepage.

No. 2 step: Once you click on it, you will be asked to select your payment mode from credit/debit card, IMPS, and net banking.

No. 3 step: On choosing the credit card, you will be directed to a secure payment gate where you will be asked to fill up the card details such as the name on the card, card number, validity and the CVV number.

No. 4 step: Account holder is given a choice to save credit card details to make faster payments from their next transaction onwards. However, note that you will still require to type in your CVV number every time you make the transaction for security reasons.

No. 5 step: Once you have entered the details, you will be required to click on the submit tab and your money is added to your Paytm wallet.

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How to Remove Credit & Debit Cards from Paytm?

Steps to delete credit/debit card details from the Paytm app:

No. 1 step: Open your Paytm account on the app

No. 2 step: After this, click on the 'Profile Avatar' option from the upper left side of the screen

No. 3 step: From the Paytm menu list, go to the settings option.

No. 4 step: After this, from the setting menu list, ensure to navigate to the ‘Payment Settings’ option & tap on it.

No. 5 step: After this from the appeared list, ensure to click on the 'saved payment details.

No. 6 step: Under this specific option, you will view all credit & debit card details that you have been using for the transaction purpose.

No. 7 step: Select the card you want to remove.

No. 8 step: Slide the selected card to notice the delete option in red.

No. 9 step: Click on the delete option to permanently delete the card details.

Benefits of Adding Credit Card to Paytm

High payment security

Payment security is crucial when it is about online transactions. To make sure that all the payment transfers are securely processed, Paytm payment gateway utilizes anti-fraud technology for keeping things completely safe for their customers. Also, they have a dedicated team of experts to make sure every user information and transactions are secure.

The payment gate of Paytm is certified by PCI - DSS or payment card industry - data security standards with 128-bit encryption. AI gets routinely used for detecting and blocking suspicious looking transactions. In fact, the security feature even scans other applications installed by the user to allow them to know if there exist any risk. In case of detection of any risky app, the Paytm payment gateway does not permit any transaction till the application gets uninstalled.

Easy check out with the saved credit cards.

Just think like a consumer who purchases products from an online store - how would you feel if you require entering your credit card details each time you make a transaction?

With increased transaction time, the risk of losing out a customer even increases. However, you do not need to be anguish about the aspect in case you have a Paytm Payment Gateway integrated into your website or business app.

With the Paytm payment gate, customers will get the choice to checkout simply with save card details. It helps not just to lower transaction time but even holds the chances to assist customers in turning into regular customers.

Paytm payment gateway comes with a global vault for the purpose of saving users' credit card and debit card details on the secure cloud. Vault gets audited on a regular basis by authorities like NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) & PCI-DSS on time to time basis

How to Pay using Credit Card in Paytm?

Follow the listed steps to pay using a credit card in Paytm:

No. 1 step: Open the Paytm app and log into your account through your email id or registered phone number.

No. 2 step: On logging in, you will be directed to a page that will contain various options, including the 'Add Money' option.

No. 3 step: You will need to select the mode for adding money from options like credit/debit card, net banking, IMPS and mention the required amount that you want to add.

No. 4 step: On selecting the credit card option, you will be directed to a secured payment webpage, which needs to fill up with your credit card details.

No. 5 step: The details that you require filling up are your card number, card name, validity, and CVV number.

No. 6 step: Account holders can save the credit card linked details, and the same shall appear on the transaction section. However, remember that you require entering your CVV number every time you use your card, even if you have saved the credit card details to maintain the gateway security. Through this method, the payment is made quickly.

No. 7 step: On entering the credit card details, you need to click on the submit tab for proceeding with your transaction. After your transaction is performed, you are redirected to your Paytm account's homepage with a transferred sum in your wallet.

How to do Credit Card bill payment on Paytm?

No.1 step: Open your Paytm app

No. 2 step: Choose the option ‘Credit Card’ on the welcome page

No. 3 step: Type your credit card number

No. 4 step: Choose your issuer if not loaded automatically

No. 5 step: Enter the amount that you want to pay

No. 6 step: Select the 'proceed' option

No. 7 step: Select the issuer via which you want to pay

No. 8 step: Choose the 'pay now option

No. 9 step: Enter your UPI pin


✅Money has been transferred to my friend who has no Paytm account. How will my friend receive the money in this case?

In case the beneficiary to whom you have transferred the money does not have any Paytm account, he/she will receive an SMS with the link to create their Paytm account. Note that if the individual does not make an account within three days of transferring the amount, the money will get refunded to you.

✅How to check if your Paytm payment is successful?

If you get an SMS from Paytm that informs you about account balance deduction, then this means your transaction is successful. Ensure to also look for post-payment confirmation on your Paytm app. Also, you can check the passbook category of your Paytm application to keep track of all your transactions.

✅What is meant by push notification payment & where to use it?

One can use a Paytm wallet anywhere. When you share your phone number with a merchant, you get a push notification, which contains merchant details as well as the requested amount. On receiving this notification, you can tap on the push notification & click on the 'pay' option for processing the payment.

✅What charges are applicable to sending money through Paytm?

When you transfer your money through Paytm, it is completely free & the entire amount that you enter gets transferred to the beneficiary without any penalty being charged.

✅What is the maximum limit that you can send through the Paytm application?

In a calendar month, you can transfer a maximum of Rs 25,000 to Paytm users or into your bank account.