How to Add Credit Cards in PhonePe Mobile Application?

Updated on: 14 Dec 2021 // 27 min read // Credit Cards
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How to Add Credit Cards in PhonePe Mobile Application?

PhonePe mobile application is one of the highly used UPI applications in India. There are various POS (Point of Sale) terminals that accept payment through PhonePe & online merchants where one can even get attractive cashback when making payment through PhonePe wallet. However, it is impossible to add money directly via credit card to PhonePe. I would be surprised to know that queries like ‘how to add credit card in phonepe’ or ‘how to add credit card in phonepe app’ are highly searched on Google by many phonepe users. Here in this article, we aim at providing you with answers to such questions to make it possible for you to overcome such hassles and use the convenience of both your PhonePe wallet and credit card. 

The question as ‘how to add credit card in phonepe’ or ‘how to add credit card in phonepe app’ holds a simple answer, which is answered below. Remember that adding money from credit card to phonepe has a complex method. You require adding money through a credit card to the supporting digital wallet & then transfer the amount from the wallet to PhonePe wallet. Here, we have step by step explained the approach: 

Step by step approach to add in money on the PhonePe wallet through credit card: 

No. 1 step: Open the phonepe application & log in. 

No. 2 step: Click on the tab ‘My Money’ located at the bottom. 

No. 3 step: Link your JioMoney, FreeCharge, Airtel Money by using the OTP verification. 

No. 4 step: Move ahead with the option ‘Linked wallet app’ and include in money through your credit card. 

This is all. After the partial KYC using your voter ID or PAN card details, you can add money through your credit card to any wallet listed above - JioMoney, FreeCharge or Airtel Money. 

How to Remove Credit & Debit Cards from PhonePe?

Follow the listed steps to remove debit card from PhonePe: 

* Firstly, open phonepe app on your mobile

* After this go to the menu ‘My Money’. 

* Under the ‘Payment methods’ menu, click on ‘Debit cards’. 

* After this, you will see a debit card list linked to your account. 

* Click on the delete icon on the debit card, which you want to remove. 

* Next, you will see a pop-up notification, which you require confirming by selecting the ‘Ok’ option. 

* Finally, your debit card details will successfully be removed from your phonepe account. 

How to remove or delete credit cards from your phonepe app? 

Follow the listed steps to successfully delete your credit card details from your phonepe application: 

* Open the phonepe app on your phone. 

* After this, go to the menu ‘My Money’. 

* Under the menu ‘Payment Method’, tap on the ‘Credit Card’ option. 

* Now, you will view a list of credit cards directly linked to your phonepe account. 

* Next, click on the delete icon of the credit card to remove it. 

* You will see a pop-up; you require confirming the option by selecting ‘ok’. 

* Finally, your credit card details will successfully be removed from your phonepe account. 

Benefits of Adding Credit Card in PhonePe

PhonePe is a digital wallet, which is India based and can be linked to a credit card/debit card or one’s bank account for online transactions. This UPI linked platform makes sure that all of your transactions are safe against cybercriminals, making the users’ details highly secured. PhonePe app can be utilized by business/company establishments or consumers as the method to end settle their utility bills to make sure on-time payments. It even can be used as a medium to pay their employees, making the same an effective salary solution for businesses with a global or distributed workforce. 

Major advantages of phonepe are its general usability, functionalities and security. Being a centralized digital wallet with all in one solution, phonepe is an extremely convenient medium for various business linked transactions. 

All in one solution

As the app can be used anywhere in India, which supports a variety of transactions, phonepe is a convenient instrument for users who make online payments. Utility bill payment, wage payment and payment request all can be performed through the application. 

Direct fund transfer

A faster and more secured mode of transaction is even available through the app. Direct fund transfer from a user's phonepe wallet eliminates the requirement for card or account linking. It makes the procedure more secure and hassle-free, making it the best solution for daily payments as well as fund transfers. 

Various distinct payment options

Phonepe provides users with numerous options to select from for their transactions. Bank accounts, UPI, debit cards and credit cards can be directly linked to the application making the app a flexible payment mode that makes sure each source does not have any issue & is good to go. 

Multi-language interface

The application supports both Hindi & English and also Tamil, Bengali and Marathi. It makes the application more friendly and usable to operate for those natives who speak any of the included languages.

Intuitive POS

Merchants find the application beneficial for their business and also as the store transaction is available via phonepe’s POS device. The buyer of the goods does not require queuing in a line anymore for making the payment of the purchased items, and the sellers are even able to assist more customers at the same time. Security concerns are even taken care of for the consumers and businesses alike. One POS device is linked just to the single merchant, and the transaction completes just when the buyer/consumer enters the correct PIN on the application. 

How to Pay using a Credit Card in PhonePe?

How to add credit card in phonepe to add in money is a major question asked by many. Here is a step by step approach as to how to add credit card in phonepe app to add in money. 

No. 1 step: Open the application

No. 2 step: Click on the option ‘My Money’

No. 3 step: Choose the option ‘PhonePe Wallet’

No. 4 step: Type the amount you require adding

No. 5 step: Select your payment mode (debit card/UPI/credit card)

No. 6 step: Click on the option ‘Topup Wallet’ & authenticate a transaction

How to make Credit Card bill payment on PhonePe?

To begin with: If you do not have the application on your phone, ensure to download it by visiting Google Play. 

No. 1 step: Click on the icon ‘Credit Card’ within the section ‘Recharge & Pay bills’ of the phonepe app. 

No. 2 step: Select the credit card provider whom you want to pay your bill for or just select from the currently saved cards. 

No. 3 step: Enter in the ‘credit card number’

No. 4 step: Enter the amount you require paying

No. 5 step: Click on the PAY BILL option to complete your transaction


✅How do I pay with my phonepe credit card? 

Steps to include money in the phonepe through credit card:

* Open your phonepe application

* Click on the option ‘My Money’

* Choose the ‘PhonePe Wallet’ option

* Type the amount that you require adding

* Select your payment mode (debit card/UPI/credit card)

* Lastly, click on the option ‘Top-up wallet’ & authenticate your transaction

✅Can we add a credit card for payment in phonepe? 

Yes, you can; ensure to follow the listed steps: 

* Open your application

* Click on the tab ‘My Money’ at the bottom

* Link your Airtel Money, FreeCharge, or JioMoney wallets through OTP verification

* Go to linked wallet app & include in money through your credit card

After the partial KYC, which takes just a minute, you are free to add in the money using a credit card to any wallet, namely JioMoney, FreeCharge or Airtel Money. 

✅What may be the reason for not getting the OTP when making a fund transfer? 

In case you do not get any OTP, you must not go for the try again option. Instead, you should wait for a few minutes. The problem can even be with the phone network. Thus, wait for a few minutes and try solving the issue. 

✅Whom should you contact if the money gets deducted but not credited to the receiver? 

Contact phonepe’s customer service for quick resolution of the issue.

✅Why are you unable to transfer funds? 

Transfer of funds may be unsuccessful if you have zero balance in your savings account or if the bank’s server is busy.