How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card? A Step by Step Guide

Updated on: 30 Mar 2023 // 27 min read // Credit Cards
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How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card? A Step by Step Guide

As we know credit card helps in the growth of credit score, so customers may want to either upgrade the credit card or may want to cancel the same. Depending upon the cardholder's will, the cardholder must know how to close Axis Bank credit card.

Let's now know the different ways to Close, Cancel or Deactivate Axis Bank Credit Card and the consequences of the same. 

How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card?

It is very important to close or cancel your credit card in an opt manner so as to avoid its effect on your credit score. Axis bank provides many ways to cancel a credit card.

A cardholder can get the credit card closed or cancelled by calling the customer care centre, by making a request in writing, or through e-mail or via an online application.

Let's now discuss how to close axis bank credit card in detail and its ways.

DIfferent ways to Close, Cancel or Deactivate Axis Bank Credit Card in 2021

Below mentioned are the different methods that can be used to close or 

deactivate the credit card: 

A) Closure of credit card by calling customer care

B) Closure of credit card by calling submitting a written request

C) Closure of credit card by writing an E-mail

D) Closure of credit card by calling submitting an online request

Let us now discuss them in detail one by one.

A) Closure of credit card by calling customer care

For deactivation of the Axis Bank credit card, make a call on the customer care number. Raise a request for getting the credit card cancelled, after which a call from the bank's representative would be received to know the reason for cancellation and for confirming some other details.

B) Closure of credit card by calling submitting a written request

Credit cardholders can also get the card cancelled by submitting a written request. A credit card closure letter must be first written to the Axis bank branch manager.  This letter would contain details like credit card number, cardholder's name and contact details. At last, it should be sent in person at the postal address of the branch.

C) Closure of credit card by writing an E-mail

For the credit card closure through E-mail, the credit cardholder can do so by writing an e-mail to the branch. E-mail ID on which mail is to be sent can be taken from the branch. 

Also, a cardholder would be required to submit credit card details & personal details like name, address, date of birth (DOB) etc., at the time of sending mail.

D) Closure of credit card by submitting an online request

For closure of credit cards, the credit cardholder can also fill the axis bank credit card closure form online as well. Open Axis Bank's official website.  Fill the same and then submit it. After which a call from the bank's representative would be received to know the reason for cancellation and for confirming some other details.

Things to Keep in Mind While Closing Axis Credit Card

One should keep in mind the below-mentioned things before closing Axis Bank credit card:

A) Clearance of Dues: 

Before initiating a request for cancellation of a credit card, one should pay off all the outstanding dues and Emi's, if any. As the lender bank will not cancel the card without clearance of dues.

B) Stop Transaction: 

The card shall not be used by credit cardholders once the request for cancellation has been raised. In case the same has been used, Axis Bank can revoke the request for cancellation.

C) Redemption of balance reward points:

One should redeem all the balance, i.e. unclaimed reward points that were earned while using the card, before raising a request for cancellation.

D) Know the exact date of blocking of card:

Know the exact date of card blockage to avoid any fees or charges.

E) Deactivation of automatic bill payment: 

Once the request has been raised for the cancellation of a credit card, the cardholder must deactivate the automatic bill payment. In case the bank takes time in processing the cancellation request, the cardholder would then need to pay extra charges due to the same.

F) Written Confirmation:

The lender would grant the cardholder a written confirmation after the closure of the credit card.

Consequences of Closing Axis Credit Card

In case of termination of a credit card, the total credit card limit gets reduced, as a result of which credit score gets affected. Also, if the expenses of the cardholder remain the same, it may then increase the credit utilization ratio, which would, in turn, reduce the credit score. This

would end up adversely affecting the credit score and also getting a

loan approval.

Does a Cancelled or Closed Axis Credit Card affect your CIBIL Score?

The answer to the question is Yes, but only if the credit cardholder uses

more than one credit card. As explained above, the cancellation of one of the credit cards would result in a reduction of the overall credit limit but

simultaneously an increase in the utilization of the credit limit. So, in this way

, cancellation or closure of credit cards would adversely affect CIBIL score.

How to Reactivate a Deactivated Axis Bank Credit Card?

In case Axis credit cardholders want to reactivate a deactivated credit card closure request, they need to initiate a request for the same. This can be done only in a case where the cardholder has himself raised the request for deactivation. 

Firstly the cardholder is required to call the customer care centre and validate some details like the card number, DOB, registered mobile number. 

You can reactivate Axis bank credit card by sending an e-mail as well to the bank along with ID Proof and a passport size photograph.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens to add-on cards if primary cards are terminated?

Add on cards automatically gets cancelled once primary cards are terminated.

Can my credit card account be closed by Axis bank of its own will?

The answer is Yes, they can close it if the bills are not being paid on the due date or the terms and conditions are not being followed. Also, the bank can terminate the credit card as well.

How much time does it actually take for the record of closing the card to appear in a credit report?

It usually takes at least 4 - 6 weeks for the changes pertaining to the closing of a card to get reflected in the credit report.

What shall I do if the record of closing the card does not gets appeared in the credit report?

If the cards are closed, it gets important that the same shall get reflected in the credit report. A dispute shall be filed with the credit card bureau. Also, contact the credit card provider to do the needful at the earliest.

How to cancel Axis Bank credit card?

Below mentioned are the steps for getting an Axis bank credit card closed:

  1. Contact Axis Bank customer care centre
  2. Redeem unclaimed reward points
  3. Pay off the remaining dues
  4. Contact the bank
  5. Send a letter requesting Axis Bank credit card account closure
  6. Credit reports shall be checked just to ensure the closure of credit cards.
  7. Once the cancellation is confirmed, dispose off the card.

Till when do the unused cards remain valid?

Credit card issuers will close the account if it is unused for some time. The time limit of unused cards getting closed is 12 to 24 months. 

Can credit card EMI's be closed?

Yes, you can close credit card EMI’s by making prepayments for the EMI or loan that you took on the credit card. Your bank will close the loan account or EMIs once you make full payment of the amount borrowed.

What do you mean by an unbilled amount in Axis Bank credit card statement? 

The unbilled amount is the amount that you have to spend on your credit card but which is not billed in the current Axis Bank credit card statement. The same shall be billed in the next Axis Bank credit card statement that you will receive.

If I have money in my bank account, why does my card declines?

It means the credit card limit is exhausted. Until the payment is being made, the credit card provider will not allow the cardholder to borrow any money.