How to Use the HDFC Credit Card EMI Calculator?

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The art to manage credit cards is a crucial step towards Financial Planning. Whether you are a self-employed – business owner or a professional; a salaried individual; or a part-time worker or a freelancer, you must learn to keep your credit card balances under check. Many however believe that it is easier said than done!

Mounting up a credit card balance is one of the common financial issues globally. A lot of card users when find it difficult to repay a bill, choose to make a minimum due payment and roll over the balance. After all, your credit card provides freedom to repay according to your convenience. But a minimum card payment can be a major financial mistake.

As you roll over the credit card balance, the bank would begin charging interest on the remaining amount on a daily basis. So the burden of the outstanding amount could be very high. The credit card interest rates generally rangeany where from 24%-36% per annum, i.e., the card interest rate is higher than a Personal Loan.

How to Deal With High Credit Card Balance?

One of the smartest ways to pay off high card balance affordably is by opting for EMI facility for Credit Card balance. You can request your card provider to convert the outstanding bill into an easy instalment plan, and your liability will be renewed into monthly instalments. The only reason to use planned credit card facility is: card EMIs are cheaper than regular Credit Card Interest Rates.

Have You Built-Up High HDFC Credit Card Balance?

To elucidate the process of converting credit card balance into an EMI, let’s discuss how HDFC Credit Cards work when you request for the easy instalment to pay off the card balance.

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You can request for EMI conversion on card balance by using HDFC Smart EMI feature. However, there are two exclusions for the same:

1)The card purchase should not involvespends on gold or jewellery.
2) The balance should not be older than 60 days.

You can apply for HDFC Smart using net banking as well as phone banking.

HDFC Smart EMI: Features & Benefits

Using HDFC Smart EMI, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. You can opt for a monthly instalment for each purchase made on your credit card.
  2. GST is included in each instalment.
  3. The EMI is started immediately from the starting of the billing cycle date.
  4. EMI will also involve the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) of your HDFC Bank Credit Card statement for the month.
  5. The outstanding balance will attract interest & other applicable charges.
  6. To opt for HDFC EMI on your card balance, you do not need any additional documentation.
  7. There is no paperwork involved, i.e., you do not need to fill any form.
  8. HDFC Bank offers competitive interest rates and flexible tenure. You can opt for easy credit card instalments for 9 to 36 months.

Being the leading card provider in India, HDFC sets market standards in this domain and offers user-friendly tools such as HDFC Credit Card EMI Calculator. Using the calculator you can compare various combinations and choose the duration according to your repayment capacity.

How to Use HDFC Credit Card EMI Calculator?

Before you opt for HDFC Smart EMI for your card balance, use HDFC EMI calculator. It will help you know about the prospective monthly repayment schedule and expected instalment.

  1. An EMI is an equated monthly instalment on your loan. When you opt for Credit Card EMI, you basically convert your outstanding amount into a loan. So the first step to use the EMI calculator involves choosing the type of loan you want to apply for.
  2. Next, fill the required loan amount (i.e., balance you want to pay using EMI).
  3. Mention the interest rate. The bank will share the rate plan once your request for EMI conversion is accepted. It is important to use the interest rate carefully. The loan rate per month and per annum would vary greatly.
  4. After filling in the required information, click the CALCULATE button.

Please note that the First EMI may differ from the rest instalments. The Interest amount for the first instalment will be calculated from the loan booking date to first EMI date as per the Credit Card statement cycle.


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You can also use the reference table shared below to know about the burden of the EMI for your due balance. The interest calculation is based at a rate of 1.50% per month.

Credit Card Balance/ LoanAmount

Duration for Loan/ EMI Schedule

36 months

24 months

18 months

12 months

9 months

Rs. 50,000






Rs. 1,00,000






Rs. 2,00,000






Rs. 3,00,000






Rs. 4,00,000






Rs. 5,00,000






*The table is for reference purpose. Source: HDFC Bank

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