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Use free CIBIL Score Calculator and check your credit history & credit score instantly. The CIBIL Score Calculation is secured & powered by the Credit Bureau. You can right away know your credit score and find out eligible loan offers from top banks & NBFCs.

Let’s find your Credit Score and Credit Report.


Get free credit report & credit score in just a few clicks. Input your name, phone & email to check Experian score. The process is protected by OTP. Along with credit score, you can also check a list of preapproved home loans, personal loans and credit cards for your profile. 

Let’s find your Credit Score and Credit Report.


What is CIBIL Score?

CIBIL Score is a 3-digit credit score provided by TransUnion CIBIL Limited. It is calculated on the basis of your credit repayment history and shows insights on your credit health i.e. creditworthiness. Your Credit history reflects all your credit accounts, including Credit Cards and loan accounts & lists, current outstanding, past repayments, irregularities (if any) etc. Thus, if you regularly repay your loans and Credit Card in the past, your score will remain high.

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Reading CBIL Score

The credit score ranges from 300 to 900. Higher the score, better it is for your credit health. Banks prefer to lend the best interest rate offers to the applicants with 750+ score. In general a credit score above 750 is considered good and assures timely repayment to the lenders.

The credit score eligibility for different loans will vary according to the product type. A credit score of 700 and above is considered apt for availing best rate on secured loans and a score above 750 for unsecured loans respectively.

CIBIL Score between 800 and 900

A CIBIL score range between 800 and 900 is indicative of excellent credit history. It shows financial discipline with regards to repayments of loans and other credit dues. A score in this range makes you eligible for a loan of your choice from the chosen lender. You can get the best interest rate and loan terms. It reflects that you are preapproved for Car Loan, Home Loans, Personal Loan and Credit Cards.

CIBIL Score between 700 and 799

A credit score in 700 and 799 range is considered fair. It indicates a good repayment record, however with the need for a detailed credit check. The banks and financial institutions will conduct further credit appraisals based on the credit policies of individual bank/ financial institution. Still, the chances for loan and credit card approval are high in this range.

CIBIL Score between 550 and 699

A credit score in 550 and 699 range is not good. It indicates some irregularities in respect of payments of outstanding dues. Lending institutions will charge high interest or require collateral for a favourable credit decision.

Credit Score between 300 and 549

A credit score in 300 and 549 range is considered poor. It shows multiple red flags such as account write off, settled accounts, or default in the report. There could also be a record of other delinquencies and utilisation of credit beyond limits. It will be difficult to get a loan with such credit score. The borrower needs to improve credit score before applying for a loan.

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Free CIBIL Score Calculator

You can use CIBIL Score Calculator and know your check free cibil score. Once you log in with your identity details & PAN number, your account will be generated. The score with be updated in the dashboard each month. You can login and check the score.

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Benefits of Online CIBIL Score Calculator

  • The benefits of using CIBIL Score Calculator are:
  • Free & personalised access.
  • View updated credit report with detailed credit history.
  • Track credit score for free.
  • Unlimited access with no limit on number of usage.
  • Helps you check eligibility for loans & credit cards.
  • Get timely update about change in your credit score.

How to use CIBIL Score Calculator to Check Free Credit Score?

In 2017, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) made it mandatory for all the credit information bureaus to provide a free credit report once every year. You can visit the official bureau website and get access to your free report once each year. But it is not sufficient to draw a report once a year. You need to periodically monitor your credit score and maintain a good credit health. On payment of a nominal annual fee, the credit bureau provides unlimited access to the report.

Alternatively, you can also avail free & unlimited access to Credit Score on MyMoneyMantra using Free Credit Score Calculator.

Steps to Check Free Credit Score using Online Calculator:

  • Click on ‘check your credit score’.
  • Share details: name, email & mobile number.
  • Verify OTP received on your mobile.
  • Share date of birth.
  • Next, feed in PAN details or upload PAN.
  • Share residence pin & city.
  • You will get access to your credit score.
  • You will also get detailed credit history displaying your loan accounts.
  • You can also check credit score profile & understand the gaps in improving your rating.

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How is CIBIL Score Calculated?

The Credit Bureaus calculate Credit Score with their proprietary algorithms and calculation methods.

According to CIBIL, there are four primary factors that impact your CIBIL score.

Payment history: Credit history is drawn based on your earlier track record in respect of loan and credit card payments. It is one of the most important factors & holds 30% weightage. The banks and financial institutions update this information to the CIBIL on a monthly basis. The data captured contains details of equated monthly instalments (EMIs) and Credit Card payments.

Credit utilisation: Your credit utilisation ratio is determined by the present loan outstanding divided by the available credit limit. Using high credit utilisation ratio adversely affects your score. High level of credit utilisation reflects the extent of the financial burden. This aspect has 25% weightage for calculation of credit score.

Credit mix: Credit Mix, i.e., the range of secured and unsecured loans, also affects the credit score. A healthy mix of secured and unsecured loans is recommended to maintain a good score. High unsecured loans affect your credit score negatively. This again holds 25% weightage for calculation of credit score.

Multiple Enquiries: The number of applications submitted for loans also bear an impact on the credit score. Frequently applying for loans at different banks will result in a decline in the credit score. It reflect credit hungry behaviour and puts a red flag on your credit rating.

Recently CIBIL also reported that the credit usage behaviour of the individual also impacts the score.

CIBIL Customer Care

You can contact CIBIL customer care on following numbers:

Consumer Helpline Number: +91 - 22 - 6140 4300

(Call from Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM)

You can also fill in online contact form on the CIBIL website.

To visit Office, contact from Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 6 PM.

Contact Number: +91 - 22 - 6638 4600


TransUnion CIBIL Limited

(Formerly: Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited)

One World Centre, Tower 2A, 19th Floor,

Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road,

Mumbai - 400 013.

Fax: +91 - 22 - 6638 4666

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Free CIBIL Score Calculator FAQs

Why should you regularly check your CIBIL Score?


Monitoring your credit information report and checking your score periodically help maintain the adequate credit health. You can keep a strict vigil against errors and identity thefts and protect your credit score. A good score keeps you preapproved for loans and this can indeed be a good financial back up for emergency situation.

Does CIBIL delete or change my credit record?


CIBIL never modifies or deletes your report details. Only in case of disputes, CIBIL will rectify the errors. In case you have bad history, you cannot delete it. You can build your good history and gradually improve your score. It is a myth that CIBIL makes a bad credit list or defaulters’ list.

What does "NA" or "NH" Credit Score Mean?


Score “NA” or “NH” suggests that you have a new credit account. Your credit history is not old enough to record. You will see NA or NH on credit report on the account of people on add-on credit cards and with no credit exposure. It is not a negative indicator for your loan application, though credit policy of some lenders prevent them from advancing loans applicants with “NA” or “NH” score.

How do you get a CIBIL score?


As you start your credit journey, your credit score begins to surface. It can take at least 6 months to build your score. The loan queries, repayment history and credit card usage patterns primarily determine your score.

How can I calculate my CIBIL score?


You do not need to calculate your CIBIL Score manually. Simply share your contact details, validate identity through OTP and share PAN details to access free online CIBIL score calculator. The calculator displays your CIBIL as calculated by the bureau.

Is 700-735 a good CIBIL score?


700-735 is a good score for a home loan. However, if you need a personal loan, you should review your report and take quick steps to improve the score. You can improve rate of interest offering with improved score. In case you need loan urgently, know that you can find lenders who will be willing to offer personal loan at this score as well.

Is CIBIL score and credit score are the same?


CIBIL score is a credit score by TansUnion CIBIL. Credit Score however denotes score pulled out from any of the bureaus such as CIBIL, Experian, Equifax or CRIF High Mark.

What is the minimum CIBIL score required for personal loan?


The minimum CIBIL score requirement depends on specific bank’s credit policy. In general 750 or above will make you eligible for a personal loan at low interest rate. At lower score such as 650 you will get high interest offers only.

What is the minimum CIBIL score I need for availing a home loan?


Home Loan is a secured loan and thus minimum score requirement for a home loan is low. The loan is approved as a percentage of loan to value of property market value. You can conveniently find a good home loan offer at 700 score.

What is the minimum CIBIL score needed for credit card?


Credit Score approvals are based on income levels, your relationship with bank or length of credit history. Generally you can avail a credit card approved with stable income source or with start of your loan journey.

Does checking my CIBIL Score impact my score?


No. Checking your own credit report doesn’t impact your CIBIL score. For, it is considered as a soft inquiry. However when you apply for a loan and the bank checks your report for a score verification it is considered as hard check and makes a footprint in your CIR. Multiple hard checks & rejection of credit products hurt your score.

How do I improve my CIBIL Score?


To improve your CIBIL score you should monitor your credit profile. Pull out your report and mend the ills. If you are irregular on repayment, timely repayments will help. Likewise, improving credit utilisation and keeping a good mix of secured & unsecured loans will also help.

How do I dispute CIBIL Report errors?


Sometimes your score is low because of errors in the report. It is advisable to make sure that your report is clean of errors. Whenever you find faults in your CIBIL report you must report the same through CIBIL Dispute Resolution procedure. You can contact CIBIL online through the Website. The correction in errors will eventually improve your score.

Does signing up as a guarantor for my friend impacts my credit score?


No, becoming a guarantor doesn’t hurt your score directly but it will make you responsible for timely repayment. The actions will be evidently reported in your report and your CIBIL score is impacted when she fails to repay a loan.