5 Tips to Maximise Cashback Credit Card Benefits

Updated on: 24 Apr 2024 // 3 min read // Credit Cards
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Most of us love Credit Cards because of the fact that they offer immense benefits in the form of cashbacks, deals, reward points, and so on. Some lucky ones end up saving even more by maximising the cashback they receive on these Credit Cards. However, you need to know the right tricks and tips in order to maximise this cashback.

There are different types of Credit Cards in India that provide cashback, so before we give you the five tips to maximise cashback, check out some of these cards:

1. Citibank Cashback Credit Card:

This card is considered one of the best Credit Cards in the market and is super helpful for people who tend to pay their utility bills online. Not only does the card give you cashback on these bills, but any purchase you make will give you some sort of a cashback – for instance movie tickets will give you a minimum of 5% cashback. Practically anything you spend on this card guarantees you a 0.5% cashback.

2. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card:

Another great cashback card, this one can give you cashbacks on fuels as well. Other benefits include 5% cashback on telephone bills, utility bills like electricity and gas. What’s even better for a frequent cab user is that they can get 20% cashback on their Uber rides.

3. SBI Simply Click Credit Card:

One of the most trusted and Best Cashback Credit Cards in the market, this card will give you a range of cashback offers starting from Amazon, BookMyShow, ClearTrip, Ola, Zoomcar, Lenskart, and so on. On online purchases from other companies, you earn 5X reward points. It has an annual fee that is waived off if you spend more than Rs. 1 Lakh in a year. Also, when you take the card, you will also get Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 500.

These were the best cashback cards available in India. Now let’s learn how to maximise the cashback benefits:

1. Always Read the Fine Print:

You may have got a card that gives you many benefits, but if you didn’t check the fine print, then you are in for a rude shock. Many Credit Cards will only offer cashback benefits on certain outlets only and if you don’t purchase from these stores, the card will be of no use to you. Besides that, some cards also have a minimum purchase condition. Make sure you check these conditions before making the choice for your Credit Card.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Promotions:

Promotions and cashbacks combined can give you many offers and more savings. Seasonal offers and during holidays, the card companies will run various offers that you can use to get even more cashback.

3. Shop Smart, Spend Smart:

Like we mentioned before, there are cashback cards for different types of spending. So if you are an avid grocery shopper, you should get a Credit Card that gives you major deals on grocery shopping. Similarly, check the cards for their cashback benefit. Credit Cards also offer good deals online, so be a smart shopper and spend it online instead of going to a store and buying stuff.

4. Understand and Gauge Your Spending Patterns:

Each one of us has a typical way to spend. Some of us love shopping online while others have a thing for grocery shopping. The most important step in order to maximise this cashback is to take a card that will best help your spending. Some cards also have a limit to the amount of cashback you can receive in a month, so you have to keep an eye out for that too.

5. Your Relationship with Your Bank Can Help:

Sometimes you have a great relationship with your bank, you can easily get more cashback offers from them because you are a preferential customer. A loyal customer always gets better deals.

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