How to Fly Smartly Using a Travel Credit Card?

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Credit Cards, being one of the most popular financial products, are used by many people for varying needs. Some people use them for online shopping, some use them for buying fuel, and some use them for travel bookings.

Understanding the varying needs of customers, banks also came up with unique Credit Cards which offer rewards against specified usage such as fuel refilling, online shopping, air ticket booking, and so forth. One of the most popular special Credit Cards is Travel Credit Cards.

These are special rewards-based Credit Cardsthat can help you earn free air tickets, hotel stays, room upgrades, lounge access,and numerous other travel-related perks. Travel Credit Cards also enable you to earnexciting cashback rewards, but their best usage can be achieved through collection and redemption of travel points. You can get a travel Credit Card by applying directly at the branch or online.

How to Get a Travel Credit Card Online?

If you are thinking, How to Get a Credit Card Online, you have the following options:

  • Bank Website: You can log on to the website of the bank whose credit card you want to subscribe to and fill out the necessary details along with your contact details. You will receive a call back from the bank to assess your eligibility and help you through the procedure.
  • Online Aggregators: MyMoneyMantra offers top Credit Cards including travel Credit Cards from all leading banks and other financial institutions. You can easily compare multiple available cards and choose accordingly.

Benefits of a Travel Credit Card

As the name suggests, travel Credit Cards offer great rewards against usage for travel-related transactions. You can avail an extensive range of benefits with the usage of travel cards while you are enjoying holidays abroad.

  • Welcome Bonus: When you sign up for a travel card, you receive amazing bonus and rewards in the form of welcome reward points. These points can be redeemed against the purchase of air tickets with a large number of domestic and international airlines. Select cards also entitle you to free tickets with selected airlines.
  • Bonus Air Miles: When you use your travel card to make air reservations, you earn additional bonus air miles with every transaction. These miles can be redeemed against the purchase of air tickets and other add-ons with a large number of airlines.
  • Complimentary Lounge Access: Select travel Credit Cards offer you premium lounge access at domestic and international airports absolutely free. You can relax and enjoy at the lounge in case of delayed flights, without paying anything. You can also choose to get free access to your families and friends along with.
  • In-flight Services: You can also enjoy premium in-flight services free if you book tickets through travel card. You get facilities like free food, unlimited drinks, internet access, and so on at concessional prices or free. You can also enjoy free upgrades to business class also based on availability.
  • Zero Liability in Case Card is Lost: Travel Credit Cards come bundled with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. In case you lose your card in a foreign location, let your card provider know, and you will get coverage for any losses or fraudulent transactions.
  • Fee Waivers: Usually all travel cards carry an annual renewal fee and there is no use trying to find one without this renewal fees. But you are also eligible for renewal fees waiver annually if you use the travel card for a minimum amount in the previous year. This benefit can be availed every year subject to the card issuer’s policy.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waivers: Usually all fuel stations charge around 2.5% fees against usage of credit card. By using a travel Credit Card, you are waived off these charges but using travel cards for refueling will not earn you any rewards.
  • Free Pick and Drop: When you make reservations using a travel card, most hotels will offer you free pick and drop service from all leading airports.
  • Additional benefits: Top Credit Cards offer other benefits such a free golf course access, complimentary spa services, free movie tickets and discounts on dining.

If you are a frequent traveler and need to visit foreign locations on a regular basis, then getting a travel Credit Card would be one of the best decisions for you. The numerous benefits offered by it, far outweigh any associated charges. They offer you the opportunity to enjoy almost free air travel with all leading airlines across the globe.

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