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Manappuram Home Finance Home Loan EMI

Below is the table for Manappuram Home Finance EMI at 9.99% for different tenures and different loan amounts:

Loan AmountROI5 years10 years20 years
10 Lakhs9.99%Rs. 21,242Rs. 13,210Rs. 9,644
20 Lakhs9.99%Rs. 42,484Rs. 26,419Rs. 19,287
50 Lakhs9.99%Rs. 1,06,211Rs. 66,048Rs. 48,218

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Benefits of Using an EMI Calculator before Taking a Home Loan

There are several benefits of using an EMI Calculator and hereunder, we preview some of them:

  • Always available for use: The first thing you should know is that an EMI Calculator is readily available to you at any time of the day. This is advantageous, especially when you have very limited time on your hands to apply for a loan.
  • Easy to use: MyMoneyMantra's EMI Calculator is also very easy to use. You don't need any technical know-how to operate it. It has been designed in such a way that first-time users will have no problem calculating their EMI.
  • Speedy calculations: Many people may not be gifted when it comes to calculating figures using mathematical formulas, but they can easily calculate their EMI using this calculator. The tool already has the equation programmed. Calculating your EMI can be done within seconds.
  • Good for financial planning: One of the best ways to plan for your home acquisition via Home Loans is to do so with an EMI Calculator. With this tool, you can avoid unprofitable loans and identify the ones that will serve your interest. Knowing how much you are to pay as interest amount will help you determine which loan scheme is best for you.
  • Select the best loan scheme: The financial cost of taking up a loan is not clear until you have evaluated the loan in detail. The best Home Loan schemes are those that don't raise the indebtedness of the borrower beyond what they can afford. By doing a proper EMI computation, you can select the best loan schemes on offer.
  • Know your repayment schedule: Providing you with an accurate EMI reading is not all that an EMI Calculator can do. This tool will also provide you with an accurate amortization schedule all through the lifespan of the loan contract. This will help you avoid payment defaults.

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Tips to Decide the Right Amount of EMI

If you are looking for smart ways to pick a suitable EMI amount, you can follow the tips given below. However, before anything else, you need to use an EMI Calculator to guide your decision. An EMI Calculator will provide you with a clear picture of the actual cost of the loan at any tenure or rate of interest. In conjunction with the calculator, you can adopt any of the following tips:

1. Be sure of your purpose

Loan for home acquisition may not be of the same value as loan for home construction. If you want to buy a plot for construction, the extra cost will drive the financial requirements further up. On the other hand, if you want to only avail a loan for minor home improvements, it will cost a lot less. Before you decide on an EMI, be sure of why you need the loan in the first place.

2. Know the financial cost

The financial cost of the loan will influence every other decision moving forward. Once you are sure of the cost, you can then decide how much EMI you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. In most cases, the cost of the property determines the EMI more than anything else, so it is advisable to go for a property that you can afford.

3. Compute your income

Personal income computation is the first step in picking the right EMI. Do remember that the repayments will be deducted from your monthly income, so you must have a regular income source that is enough to cover the deduction each month. As a rule, make sure the EMI does not cost you your living expenses at the end of each month, even if the lender approves it.

4. Compare interest rates

No two lenders offer Home Loans at the same rate and even if they do, their processing fees may not be the same. One way to identify a suitable EMI is to compare the Home Loan Rates of Interest at which different lenders are offering their loans. Why is this vital tip to imbibe? The cost of the loan goes up due to the extra payments as interest and the interest is what the bank earns for taking the risk to issue you the loan. Banks that offer lower rate will charge lower EMI, unlike banks that offer higher rates. Take your time to identify banks and lenders that offer reduced rates.

5. Scrutinize processing cost

Take your time to scrutinize the processing cost. Although most lenders demand a nonrefundable fee as processing cost, there may be other charges added to the loan that you may not notice at first glance. Take your time to scrutinize terms like prepayment and foreclosure charges, payment default charges, etc. Also, ask the lender if there are any other hidden charges not clearly stated in the loan contract.

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Factors That Can Impact Your EMI Amount

When it comes to taking up Manappuram Home Finance Home Loans, the EMI is not the only thing to be concerned about. You also need to understand the factors that may affect EMI during the course of repayment. Even if you are on a hybrid interest rate, certain factors may influence the rise or fall of EMI rates. Many borrowers are often surprised when they see their EMI rise despite an existing agreement with a lender. Below are some of the factors that may impact your equated monthly installment payments.

  • RBI Rates - One of the most common factors impacting EMI is the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) rate. As the institution regulating the Indian economy, RBI often regulates interest rates to stimulate and protect the economy when the need arises. So, therefore, whatever measure the RBI takes, has a direct impact on how much borrowers pay as EMI. If the RBI rate is slashed, bankers follow suit to reduce interest rates in loans. The same is the case if the RBI rate is increased.
  • Extra Loan - During the course of repaying an old loan, if you take up a new loan (such as, a top up loan) from the same lender, this loan may be lumped together with the existing one. If this is the case, you should expect your EMI to rise as the leader will combine both the old and new loans and charge you based on the new outstanding figure.
  • Tenure - The tenure of the loan is also another important factor to point out. The longer the loan tenure, the lower the EMI will be, since payments will be spread across several months. Some applicants prefer a longer tenure as this reduces the debt burden on them. However, you should note that some lenders charge a higher EMI at the beginning of a repayment window or more at the closing stages. This factor only applies to loans with an even EMI structure.
  • Transaction Charges - Transaction charges such as processing fees and other attendant charges of consequences may also affect the EMI you will be asked to pay for a loan. In some cases, the lender may charge you separately for this, but other lenders may choose to add it to the final cost of the loan.
  • Uneven Repayment Structure - If the repayment structure is uneven, the EMI value will also be inconsistent. You may be required to pay back a certain percentage of the loan for a specific period and a lesser sum for subsequent periods.

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How to use MyMoneyMantra EMI Calculator?

MyMoneyMantra's EMI Calculator is an easy to use online tool for your Home Loan cost projections. It has been designed to ensure that even first-time users have no problem calculating their EMI in just a few steps. To get your EMI, just do the following.

  • On MyMoneyMantra.com, choose Home Loan EMI Calculator given under the Financial Tools head
  • You will be redirected to another page where you will be asked to provide certain details, such as the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure.
  • Enter the above details for each estimate and click the "Calculate" button

Do note that you can always change the tenure, loan amount, or interest rate as many times as you wish or recalculate using the changed estimates until you arrive at a suitable EMI.

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Amortization Table

YearOpening BalanceAmount paid by customer (EMI*12)Interest paid during the yearPrincipal paid during the yearClosing Balance


✅ Who can apply for Manappuram Home Finance Home Loan?


The following categories that can apply for this loan are:

  • Self-employed people
  • Salaried employees
  • Indian residents
  • Applicants who are 21 years and above and not older than 65

✅ What is the maximum tenure for Manappuram Home Loan?


The maximum repayment tenure for this loan is 20 years. Loan tenure is decided based on your age as at the time of applying, your current income, and the period of loan maturity.

✅ What is the maximum loan amount I can apply for?


The maximum loan Manappuram offers is up to 80% of the property's market value.

✅ What is the interest rate for Home Loan?


The rate of interest is in the range of 9.99% to 12%, depending on the type of loan you apply for.

✅ When calculating EMI with an EMI Calculator, what are the estimates I should concern myself with?


The estimates you should concern yourself with are the loan amount you want to apply for, the repayment tenure, and the interest rate.

✅ Can I use the EMI Calculator to calculate EMI for all lenders or only a few lenders?


The beauty of using MyMoneyMantra's EMI Calculator is that it works for all loans offered by different lenders at different tenures and rates. It is flexible and universal. If the estimates you enter are accurate, the EMI results you get will be error-free.

✅ Does it cost anything to use MyMoneyMantra EMI Calculator?


This EMI is free so it costs you nothing to use it. You can use it as many times and as often as you wish.

✅ Will my EMI calculation correspond with that of my lender?


Not in all cases, but the difference is not always significant. This is because lenders infuse certain transactional fees into the loans they issue to borrowers. These fees are either charged separately or added to the EMI. Common fees include prepayment fees, fees for foreclosures, processing costs, cheque clearance, etc. For the sake of clarity, always make inquiries about transactional fees you are required to pay.