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DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator Details

Buying your dream home comes with a lot of responsibility and research. It is a challenging task that needs planning and proper execution. It is much more than living with good infrastructure and in a safe environment. You have to make sure you are balanced financially and mentally before you Apply for a Home Loan.

With the help of the DHFL home loan EMI calculator, you can now calculate your monthly instalments before Applying for a Home Loan. It is vital to plan your expenses beforehand so that you can avoid all kinds of financial troubles in the future. It helps you make informed decisions and stay organised throughout the entire process. 

Here is all that you need to know regarding the online EMI calculator before you apply for a home loan.

How to use DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Operating the Online EMI Calculator is extremely easy, and it is one of the most feasible online tools that you can use before you apply for a home loan to plan your expenses beforehand. Here are some steps to use the home loan EMI calculator DHFL.

  • Go to the official website of DHFL to use the online EMI calculator.
  • Once the calculator is seen on the screen, the first thing that you need to do is to choose the loan amount that you intend to take from the bank. It is the entire principal amount that you want to take from the bank. It will directly affect your monthly instalments.
  • You can easily calculate your monthly instalments by selecting your suitable loan tenure and the interest rate if you can manage to find it yourself.

Choose the method that seems feasible for your liking, and make sure you know the exact EMIs that you will need to pay after you take a home loan from the bank.

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DHFL Home Loan Interest Calculator Formula

The interest calculator formula remains the same as what the other contemporary banks follow these days. The typical formula that is followed by most of the banks is p*r*(1+r)^n/([1+r)^n]-1). Here the R stands for the monthly interest rate that you will have to pay after taking a loan. The N stands for the selected tenure, and the P stands for the entire loan amount that you intend to take from the bank.

All these three factors directly affect your monthly instalments. Therefore, make sure the monthly EMI that you are supposed to pay after taking the loan is a comfortable amount. If you are not pleased with the rates, keep trying other combinations with different loan amounts and several tenures to make sure you finally select a plan that suits your budget.

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Benefits of DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator

Using an online EMI calculator before applying for a home loan is a brilliant idea if you want to make informed decisions in the future. It will help you make smart choices and save you a lot of financial troubles in the long run. Using the Online Home Loan EMI Calculator enables you to stay financially organised.

Here are the significant benefits that she will get by using the DHFL bank home loan EMI calculator:

  • It is an entirely online tool that you can use from the comfort of your home from any device. The result will be prompt and accurate. You will not have to worry about your instalment rates and their accuracy ever again in the future.
  • It gives 100% accurate results and makes sure you know the exact amount that you will have to pay after taking a home loan from the bank.
  • You can try different combinations with different interest rates, principal amounts, and tenures before coming to a conclusion.
  • If you feel like the shown amounts do not fit your budget, try using other online EMI calculators of different banks before you make a final decision.
  • Even after you take the loan, you can still come back to their official page and use the online EMI calculator to check your status and to figure out the remaining amount that you will have to pay for the rest of the tenure.

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Why should you use DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator?

If you want to make your journey to your new home hassle-free, planning your expenses beforehand is the best thing that you can do. Taking a DHFL Home Loan comes with a lot of responsibility. Here are the reasons why you should use the home loan EMI calculator DHFL before you apply for a home loan.

  • You can compare your EMI rates with other interest rates offered by other leading banks in India to figure out if you are going for the best plan that fits your budget.
  • You have the freedom to choose different loan amounts, interest rates, as well as different tenures. With this feature, you can easily understand which plan is the most suitable for you out of them all. 
  • During the tenure, you can count your remaining loan tenure with the help of the calculator, which makes the entire repayment procedure even easier for you.
  • It follows the p*r*(1+r)^n/([1+r)^n]-1) formula to make sure you get the exact amount that you are supposed to pay. The accuracy of the results is also another reason why you can rely on the EMI calculator.

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Comparison of DHFL Home Loan EMI with other Popular Banks

Make sure you go through different combinations before making the final decision about which plan you want to go for. If you are not satisfied with the results that the calculator shows, make sure you check other Home Loan Interest Rates and instalments that are offered by the contemporary popular banks. Take a look at the chart to see the difference between the DHFL home loan EMI with other leading banks in India in recent times.

Bank NameLoan amount of 50 LakhLoan Amount of 30 LakhInterest Rate
SBI 32,098/-19,259/-6.65%

Different banks offer different interest rates based on which the monthly EMI rates are calculated. The HDFC Bank and the ICICI Bank offer an interest of 6.70%. The Axis bank provides an interest of 6.65%. Bandhan bank currently offers an interest rate of 6.40%, which is similar to most of these popular banks. DHFL now provides an interest of 8.75% onwards to its customers for home loans. Based on your budget and future affordability, choose the home-loan plan that suits you.

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DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator to Estimate the EMI That Fits Your Budget

The amount that you had in mind may not fit your budget in the long run. Making sure you're financially comfortable before moving into your new home is essential. Try different tenures and interest rates along with additional loan amounts to check whether or not you are going for the right plan.

Loan amount30 years20 years15 years
1 cr73,376/-83,644/-95,565/-
75 lakh55,032/-62,733/-71,674/-
50 lakh36,688/-41,822/-47,783/-
25 lakh18,344/-20.911/-23,891/-

For an interest rate of 8.75%, which is the usual rate offered by DHFL, the DHFL Home Loan Interest Rates have been calculated. Compare and analyse the rates to understand which plan will suit your demands and fits your budget the best.

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Factors affecting the DHFL Home Loan EMI

The three significant factors that affect your EMI after you take a home loan are mentioned below:

  • The entire loan amount has a considerable role to play in calculating your EMI amount before you take a loan. Your monthly payable EMI amount automatically increases when the loan amount is more notable, and the tenure is short. Interest rates also increase when the loan amount is on the bigger side.
  • Interest rate is one of the major determining factors of EMI rates. When the interest rates remain on the higher side, the EMI automatically increases by the end of the tenure. DHFL keeps its interest rate at 8.75% for all its customers. Before taking a home loan, go through all their plans to determine which plan is the ideal one for you.
  • The tenure period that you select before taking a home loan plays a significant role in deciding the amount you will have to pay by the end of the plan. The shorter the tenure is, the more you have to pay on a monthly basis. The longer the tenure is, the lesser monthly amounts you will have to pay. However, when you select a longer tenure of 20-30 years, the entire quantity payable also increases along with it.

You can interchange these amounts while calculating your EMI with the DHFL home loan EMI Calculator to make sure you are choosing the right amount that suits your affordability.

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What the Home  Loan EMI calculator cannot tell you

The home loan EMI Calculator is a good tool to calculate your EMI before applying for a home loan. However, there are certain factors that cannot be pre-determined by the tool.

  • The calculator fails to determine whether or not the interest rate will increase or decrease during the tenure during the process. Most popular banks like the UCO Bank, the SBI, along with other reputed banks, only offer floating rate home loans which means the interest rate may go up during your selected tenure after taking the loan. However, it may create an inconvenience for some people since the calculator cannot determine the increased interest amount beforehand.
  • If you have the entire amount to repay the rest of your loan amount in the middle of your tenure, you will be charged around 2%-3% penalty charges for making prepayments during your tenure. The online calculator cannot determine whether or not this will happen during your tenure.
  • Some banks allow their customers to change their interest rates in the middle of a tenure. On the other hand, some banks do not allow that. Whether you can make bigger payments as monthly instalments cannot be determined by an EMI calculator either.

Amortization Table

YearOpening BalanceAmount paid by customer (EMI*12)Interest paid during the yearPrincipal paid during the yearClosing Balance


✅ What is the current interest rate for home loans offered by DHFL?


The current interest rate offered by DHFL remains around 8.75% onwards for home loans.

✅ Will my interest rate remain the same during the entire tenure after taking a home loan?


If you take a fixed-rate loan, then you can make sure to keep your interest rate the same till the end of your tenure.

✅ Is calculating my EMI through the EMI calculator safe?


The DHFL EMI calculator is absolutely safe to use. You can use it comfortably from the comfort of your home since it is completely an online tool.

✅ What is the EMI of a home loan for Rs. 50 lakh in DHFL?


Your EMI depends on the tenure you select while taking a loan. For a Rs. 50 lakh loan, your EMI will be around Rs. 36,688/- if your selected tenure is 30 years. For 20 years tenure, your monthly EMI will be around Rs. 41,822/-

✅ Can I make prepayments after taking a home loan in DHFL?


If it suits your budget and is comfortable, you can repay the entire amount in the middle of your tenure. However, a penalty of 2%-3% can apply to customers for making prepayments.